Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for estimates or diagnostics?

When the check out or diagnostic is part of the process to access a failed component it is included in the repair of that component, there are no additional charges unless the repair is declined. There is a charge for processes involved with diagnostics  that are not part of the actual repair or part replacement.

CAN I wait while repair work is being done?

We schedule while you wait services and repairs on a case-by-case basis, by appointment. Rental cars are available through Enterprise.

Do I need to make an APPOINTMENT?

For most services and repairs it is nice to know a day or two in advance but walk in are always welcome.

Is there any work you don't do?

We don’t do tires or alignments.

If my check engine light comes on, will you check it for free?

Yes we will acquire codes at no charge.

However, checking for engine codes and diagnosing the problem are two different animals. Of the many of DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes), only a small handful can be quickly diagnosed.

Do you work on European Cars?

Yes, we have many happy customers who own European cars.  All repairs and services are performed with OEM or OES Genuine parts.

Do you give phone estimates?

We’d rather not.

Our experience is that giving phone quotes is counterproductive. Typically a request for a quote is based on information from another shop or a “friend who knows a lot about cars.”

When you want a second opinion on a medical condition you go to a doctor. He doesn’t give you information or a diagnosis based on what another doctor has said. Why should it be any different for your car. After all pricing in any given area is competitive. The real question? Is the assessment of your need correct, or even exaggerated?

Many who have allowed us to inspect their cars, have saved hundreds. Bring us the competitions quote, apples to apples we beat them every time!
Give us a call and we will schedule a time to inspect your car, usually at no charge.

Can I leave my car for an extended amount of time?

Vehicles left for more than 3 days (other than work in progress) or not picked up within 3 days of completion, are subject to a $30 per day storage fee. 

We do however, take the customer’s circumstances into consideration and are usually flexible with this policy.

Can I drop my vehicle off after hours?

Yes. We provide an overnight drop off service. You can fill out the form at the side of the garage bay – completely – and drop the form and key off through the night drop slot.

I have a new car/truck. Do I have to go to the dealer to protect my warranty?

Alliance Service Center is a great alternative to the dealer. We provide top quality parts and service garunteed to protect/preserve your manufacturer new car warranty.

Can I just pay you later, after picking up my car?

You can always ask; we have a polite way of saying, “No.”

Can I pay with American Express?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.